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Science At Play: Physics Tricks

Blog Author:  Andrew Fotta & Nate Gagnon On 4.7.20

Materials to Collect Smooth surface  Large container ½ full of water  Tray   Marker cap  Tablecloth with no seamed edge  Egg Try it! Tablecloth Trick: Set up your tablecloth under your large container of water on a smooth surface. You want a couple of inches of tablecloth to extend past the container on one side. Hold …

Movie Monday: America’s Music Journey

Blog Author:  Tracy Shirer On 4.6.20

We have good news from our friends at MacGillivray Freeman Films. They have made some of their popular, educational films available for streaming so that our members and the community can access them from home.  Today, we’re inviting you to view America’s Musical Journey, a 40-minute cross-country journey celebrating the unique diversity of America’s musical …

Science Sunday: Experiments to Try At Home, Outside

Blog Author:  Mark Dixon & Aoife Ryle On 4.6.20

Happy Monday! Spring is a great time to get outside and enjoy some fun science activities. We all know the sun is powerful, right? Today we want to show you just how powerful it can be, with two simple activities using materials you have in your home already. Watch the full Science Sunday video to …

Virtual Field Trip: NASA’s Kennedy Space Center

Blog Author:  Nick Villagra On 4.3.20

The Apollo moon landing.  The Hubble Space Telescope.  The Curiosity Rover. For over 60 years, NASA has been behind some of the most iconic feats of engineering in modern history, making it one of our nation’s most cherished institutions.  At NASA’s Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex in Florida, exhibits tell the story of NASA’s successes …

Take 10: Raising Questions

Blog Author:  Becky Fahey, Lindsey Sullivan & Rachel Shurick On 4.2.20

Welcome to Take 10 – 10 minutes of professional learning designed to meet educators’ needs remotely. Our purpose is to provide you with quick and easy strategies that you can use for planning. In this Take 10 we will be discussing how you can help elicit student questions. The essential question that we are addressing today is, …

Experiencing Maya: Hidden Worlds Revealed- Maya Body Modifications

Blog Author:  Sarena Salmeri On 4.1.20

In the twentieth century, body modifications gained immense popularity in American culture, but they were commonplace for the Maya centuries before we adopted them into our own society. The Maya saw body modifications as symbols of strength, representations of their religious beliefs and spirituality, and demonstrations of social status. They believed that the pain and …

Science At Play: Homemade Lava Lamp

Blog Author:  Andrew Fotta On 3.31.20

Materials to Collect Empty clear bottle (any size, but 1 liter works well)  Water  Oil (vegetable or other liquid oil)  Food coloring  Oil-based food coloring (optional)   Glitter (optional)  Alka-Seltzer or other effervescent tablets Small light to place your lamp on (optional) Build it! Fill about 3/4 of your bottle with water (you can always add …

Science Sunday: Outdoor Experiments

Blog Author:  Mark Dixon & Aoife Ryle On 3.30.20

We are continuing to provide experiments you can do at home with the whole family. Since it is starting to get a little warmer outside, we want to show you an activity that will get you outside.  Disclaimer here: you may want some protective eyewear, and please be careful of what you are wearing – …