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The Science of Stress: Helpful Strategies

Blog Author:  Melissa Garafola On 5.27.20

Not to worry. I wouldn’t give you all of this information if I didn’t have a simple solution for you. Take a deep breath. Are you ready? You just have to ELIMINATE all of your stress! Isn’t that helpful? It’s OK, I scoffed at that too when I read it. It is not a possibility, …

Science At Play: Air Pressure Pranks

Blog Author:  Justin Riley & Nate Gagnon On 5.26.20

 Materials to Collect Playing card Empty plastic bottles Cup with a mouth smaller than a playing card  Thumbtack  Mesh or screen material  Rubber band   Try it Out Prank 1: Fill your small cup ¾ of the way full with water and place the playing card flat over the mouth. While holding the card …

Science Sunday: Making Chalk

Blog Author:  Mark Dixon & Aoife Ryle On 5.25.20

Happy Memorial Day! We hope you were able to get outside this weekend and enjoy the nice weather. Summer is just starting here in Connecticut, so we want to show you simple ways you can have fun with science outside. Today, we are making chalk with just 2 ingredients- water and cornstarch.      …

Movie Monday: Black Hole Apocalypse

Blog Author:  Zac Zemantic On 5.25.20

Happy Memorial Day! Thank you for joining us again for Movie Monday. Today we are excited to share the two hour NOVA special Black Hole Apocalypse. Black holes are holes in the fabric of the universe where gravity is so powerful not even light can escape. Once believed to be the stuff of science fiction, …

Virtual Field Trip: Mars

Blog Author:  Nick Villagra & Bryan Avery On 5.22.20

In July 2020, a rover named Perseverance will blast off towards Mars to hunt for evidence of extraterrestrial life. This is just the latest in a series of missions stretching back decades to probe the mysteries of the Red Planet. NASA scientists share images and data from these missions with the public so that we …

Take 10: COVID-19, A Teachable Moment?

Blog Author:  Larry Chiucarello On 5.21.20

During the 40 years I’ve spent as a classroom teacher I had my course curricula interrupted many times by weather events, disasters, and tragedy. Needless to say, nothing compares to what my former colleagues are facing during this World Pandemic, COVID-19. I know they are all working in overdrive to put together meaningful lessons that …

The Science of Stress: Understanding Your Stress Response

Blog Author:  Melissa Garafola On 5.20.20

What is this so-called physiological stress response? What is actually happening in our brains and in our bodies? Our story begins with a stressor, or some event or experience we perceive as a threat. Imagine you are standing on a sidewalk and hear the sudden blare of a car horn. Looking up, you see a …

Science At Play: Pen Chromatography

Blog Author:  Aoife Ryle & Andrew Fotta On 5.20.20

 Materials to Collect Tall cups  Coffee filters  Tape   Different black markers   Pencil   Water or rubbing alcohol   Try it Out Cut your coffee filters into long strips about 2 inches wide. Take your markers and color a black dot about 1 inch from the bottom of the coffee filter strip. Use a different coffee …