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STEM Career Spotlight: Cultural Anthropology

Blog Author:  Sarena Salmeri On 7.29.20

If you have read my blogs about Maya culture, you may have noticed mentions of anthropological research. You may also have been curious as to what an anthropology career entails. People often ask me if I want to be like Indiana Jones when I tell them I’m studying cultural anthropology. They are close in their …

Ohlheiser, an OTP Industrial Solutions – Lunch Bunch

Blog Author:  Kelsey Ballard On 7.28.20

We hope you enjoyed today’s Lunch Bunch with our friends at Ohlheiser, an OTP Industrial Solutions Company, in Newington, CT. When it comes to robotics and industrial automation, the possibilities are endless. Computers and technology help us more efficiently manufacture healthcare equipment, prepare and package the food we consume, and so much more. They can …

Science At Play: Build A Paper Kite

Blog Author:  Caroline Bogue On 7.27.20

Have you ever wondered how planes can take flight? Well, the physics that helps them to fly works very similarly for kites. Physics is a branch of science that deals with the interactions between energy and matter! Let’s try our hand at making a kite. Then, we’ll dive into some potential STEM career paths in …

Science Sunday: Cloud in a Bottle

Blog Author:  Mark Dixon & Aoife Ryle On 7.27.20

We were inspired today by some of our favorite meteorologists for a weather themed science experiment. Today, we are going to make a cloud inside of a bottle. For this activity, you need just a few simple supplies, so we encourage you to try this along with us at home. Follow along by watching the …

Experiencing Maya Hidden Worlds Revealed: Maya Rites of Passage

Blog Author:    On 7.24.20

Many civilizations, including the Maya, have specific social events that are celebrated as significant moments in an individual’s life. These events are called rites of passage, and they demonstrate transformation within a community and indicate a change to a different social status. We will take a look at some examples of Maya rites of passage …

Science At Play: Leaf Chromatography

Blog Author:  Jessie Scott On 7.23.20

We are right in the middle of summer, so the trees around us are full of bright green leaves. Explore the colorful pigments leaves have hidden inside of them. Go outside and collect some leaves you find interesting, then come back here and learn how to experiment with leaf chromatography. Materials to Collect Leaves – …

Benefits Of Yoga

Blog Author:  Andrew Fotta On 7.22.20

When you think of yoga, maybe you conjure in your mind a man with a long beard, wearing a tunic and sitting cross-legged on the floor. Or, maybe you think of a fit, trendy, twenty-something wearing leggings and twisting themselves into pretzel-like poses. Most often, when I mention to someone that I practice yoga, I …

Potions Recipes Revealed

Blog Author:  Kaila Ringgard On 7.21.20

Watch below as our Potions Professor taught her Muggle Magic Potions Class. Now, we can’t get dragon’s blood or mermaid spit here in the muggle world, but our Potions Professor wrote this blog post to help you create these potions. She has done her research and shared with us the best substitute for all of …