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Autobiography of a Transgender Scientist: Down to a Science Book Club

Blog Author:  Amanda Coletti On 6.20.19

Who are the scientists behind the research? What are their lives like? What are the stories of their discoveries, failures, and successes? To celebrate Pride Month, June’s book club read is Autobiography of a Transgender Scientist by Ben Barres. As a neuroscience masters student, I often read scientific articles on brain development written by Ben …

Spilling the T. (rex) on Dinosaur Behavior in Jurassic Park: The Science Behind Science Fiction

Blog Author:  Samantha Hall, with an Introduction by Amanda Coletti On 6.19.19

While watching my favorite science fiction movies and TV shows, I’m often left with more questions than answers. Can we actually clone ancient animals like the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park? Does gamma radiation change our DNA, like the process behind The Hulk’s angry, green transformation? What are the quantum mechanics behind “Pym Particles” and the …

Science Sunday: How balls bounce

Blog Author:  Mark Dixon & Aoife Ryle On 6.17.19

Check out this sports-themed edition of Science Sunday for Father’s Day as Mark Dixon and Aoife Ryle illustrate the physics behind how balls bounce. Try out some simple experiments using balls around your house to see how force and energy transfer work together to make balls bounce in your favorite sports. Mark Dixon is …

From Exhibits to Executive Finance: A Decade of Dedication with Liam Cawley and Lisa Mottola

Blog Author:  Amanda Coletti On 6.14.19

Liam Cawley Exhibit Specialist What is your favorite memory of the Connecticut Science Center? Watching the first tractor trailer loaded with exhibits pull into the loading dock during a snowstorm in early 2009. What is your favorite exhibit/event (past or current) at the Connecticut Science Center? Table-top puzzles in Invention Dimension. I love watching people …

10 Years of Partnership with the Connecticut Science Center & WFSB

Blog Author:  Amanda Coletti On 6.13.19

With a robot-assisted countdown and a shower of confetti, the Connecticut Science Center officially kicked off a year-long celebration of ten inspiring years. After opening to the public on June 12th, 2009, the Science Center has experienced ten years of successes, challenges, and opportunities, developing many lasting partnerships along the way. One such partnership is …

Happy 10th Birthday, Connecticut Science Center! A Timeline Celebrating 10 Inspiring Years

Blog Author:  Amanda Coletti On 6.12.19

With the help of two robots, the Connecticut Science Center cut the red ribbon and welcomed its first customers on opening day ten years ago, June 12, 2009.  The Connecticut Science Center has a rich history spanning from the initial conceptual designs and building construction to the development of educational programing, scientific initiatives, and the …

Celebrating 10 Years of the Connecticut Science Center: A Decade of Dedication with Ed Lane and Claudia Davis

Blog Author:  Amanda Coletti On 6.11.19

In 2009, the Connecticut Science Center opened its doors as a place of scientific discovery, innovation, and exploration; a centerpiece of the community in Hartford, CT. The Science Center was built by scientists, educators, and business, government, and community leaders who shared a vision to inspire children and adults to increase joy and interest in …

Science Sunday: What to do if you encounter a snake?

Blog Author:  Mark Dixon & Aoife Ryle On 6.10.19

Did you know that there are 12 species of snakes that can be found in CT? Check out the latest edition of Science Sunday to hear Aoife’s PSA (Public Science Announcement) about what to do if you encounter a snake in the wild (or in the Critter Corner on Level 6 of the Connecticut Science …