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The Science of Stress: Understanding Your Stress Response

Blog Author:  Melissa Garafola On 5.20.20

What is this so-called physiological stress response? What is actually happening in our brains and in our bodies? Our story begins with a stressor, or some event or experience we perceive as a threat. Imagine you are standing on a sidewalk and hear the sudden blare of a car horn. Looking up, you see a …

Science At Play: Pen Chromatography

Blog Author:  Aoife Ryle & Andrew Fotta On 5.20.20

 Materials to Collect Tall cups  Coffee filters  Tape   Different black markers   Pencil   Water or rubbing alcohol   Try it Out Cut your coffee filters into long strips about 2 inches wide. Take your markers and color a black dot about 1 inch from the bottom of the coffee filter strip. Use a different coffee …

Disease Detectives in the Digital Age

Blog Author:  Jessie Scott & Kate Saulsbery On 5.19.20

Recently, the governor has created a partnership with the developers of the How We Feel app as a tool to help the medical community combat the spread of COVID-19. Apps like these have made significant progress in identifying new symptoms (Neuroscience News). In areas where these apps are being used more broadly, healthcare professionals are …

How To Build An Exhibit: Our Changing Earth

Blog Author:  Richard Thomas On 5.19.20

Have you ever wondered how the Connecticut Science Center’s exhibit galleries and exhibits are developed? Here is a behind the scenes tour of how our most recent gallery, Our Changing Earth, came into being. Exhibit design is a way of telling a story, determining the most effective way to engage audiences in the topic. There …

Science At Play: Pond Water Critters

Blog Author:  Jessie Scott On 5.19.20

Four of our Connecticut Science Center campers looking for critters in their bowl of pond water.   Materials to Gather: -A Net -A Bucket -Boots or shoes that can get wet! -Shallow trays/white bowls for observing in -Spoons for scooping -Magnifying glass for observing (optional) -Paper and pencil for drawing the critters you find (optional) …

Science Sunday: Experimenting with Torque

Blog Author:  Mark Dixon & Aoife Ryle On 5.18.20

Torque is an interesting force that we don’t talk about very often, so we decided to make it our topic on this Science Sunday. We are showing you some simple machines that you can try at home that demonstrate torque. Simple machines help us to magnify forces, making some tasks easier. The simple machine we …

Movie Monday: The Search For Life In Space

Blog Author:  Zac Zemantic On 5.18.20

Narrated by Malcolm McDowell  If you’re like me you’ve spent a lot of time thinking about one thing lately. Aliens. Where are they, how long have they been here, and who has already been replaced by shapeshifting invaders? This Movie Monday, join us in the Netflix Queue for The Search For Life In Space. The …

Virtual Field Trip: Toyota Test Lab

Blog Author:  Andrew Fotta On 5.15.20

I’ve watched a lot of science fiction in my life, and ever since I was little, I noticed that many of these visions of the future have one thing in common: self driving vehicles (ok, and flying cars too). Now, you, like me, may be wondering, where are these autonomous vehicles we were all promised? …