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At Home With the Stars

Blog Author:  Nick Villagra On 6.30.20

As a boy, I fell hard for almost anything space.  My whole allowance went towards buying LEGO bricks so I could build ever bigger space stations.  On visits to the Miami Museum of Science, I’d hunch over in the darkness of the space gallery like a caveman, reading and rereading every information panel about the …

Science Sunday: Building Rockets

Blog Author:  Mark Dixon and Aoife Ryle On 6.29.20

If you are looking for a fun activity to do this weekend, we are going to show you how to build a rocket at home. Don’t worry this rocket is safe for backyard use because all you will need to make it is a straw and some paper. Watch the full video below to learn …

How to Create the Best At Home Field Day

Blog Author:  Kate Saulsbery On 6.26.20

It’s the end of the school year and that usually means Field Day! A fun-filled day of playing, and running around outside with your friends. This year it’s a little tricky to imagine having a really fun field day, but I’m here to tell you it’s totally possible! We are going to take a closer …

Advice From a Bubbleologist

Blog Author:  Casey Carle On 6.25.20

BubbleMania’s Top 3 Secrets For Brilliant Bubbling You Can do simple but amazing bubble tricks with just a little practice IF you remember a few “inside secrets” of the bubble experts!   1. The Secret to Excellent Bubble Liquids! Find a simple home-made bubble mixes at www.bubblemania.com/faq/solution. Be sure to pay attention to mixing and storing details. Even …

Women in Science Leadership Award Nominee: Nicole Feeney

Blog Author:  Amy Sailor On 6.24.20

The Petit Family Foundation Women in Science Leadership Award recognizes a woman working in STEM who is a leader in her field, makes a significant effort to support other women, and encourage girls’ interests in STEM. The honoree is selected by the Connecticut Science Center’s Women in Science steering committee and is traditionally celebrated at …

Useless Super Powers

Blog Author:  Andrew Fotta On 6.24.20

You know when you’re sitting around with some friends and one of them starts showing everyone else a weird trick they can do with some part of their body? Maybe you are one of those people. If not, you probably know someone who can do a weird thing with some part of their body.  Well, …

Science At Play: Liquefaction

Blog Author:  Nate Gagnon & Justin Riely On 6.23.20

 Materials to Collect Plastic container Sand Water Materials to put in the sand that both float and sink (Blocks, rocks, Lego structures, ping pong balls, etc.)   Build it! Fill the container with sand. Add water to the sand until it is very wet, but the water does not pool up. Place your objects …

How a Classic American Game is Taking a Swing at Data

Blog Author:  Katelyn Rutty On 6.22.20

On any given night between April and September in our capital city, you will hear adults and children alike singing Take Me Out to the Ball Game at the top of their lungs. Going to Dunkin’ Donuts Stadium and watching the Hartford Yard Goats play has become a staple summertime experience for many throughout the …