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Dear Science: How Do Leaves Change Colors?

How Do Leaves Change Color?

We have received so many amazing questions through our Dear Science campaign, including this one from Nathaniel, age 9. You may notice this time of year, all the leaves change colors from green to orange, red, or yellow. Why does this happen? How does this happen? Well, Nathaniel, we are here to answer your question. Keep watching to learn just how those green leaves change colors.


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Andrew Fotta is a STEM educator at the Connecticut Science Center. He has currently holds a CT teaching certification for grades K-6, and has spent time in the classroom in nearly all grades, and taught middle school science. In addition to teaching classes for the Science Center, Andrew is also part of a team of educators currently creating new programs aligned with the new Next Generation Science Standards for grades PreK-9. Andrew is an avid photographer, who enjoys blending science and art in his work.