Next Gen Science Exemplar System (NGSX)

The Connecticut State Department of Education and the Connecticut Science Center have partnered on supporting the Next Generation Science Standards.

Transforming science teaching and learning through reasoning, modeling and communicating explanations of phenomena.

NGSX is a blended professional learning system designed to help teams of K-12 science educators apply the pedagogical shifts described in the Framework for K-12 Science Education and the Next Generation Science Standards to their own teaching. NGSX brings the expertise of Framework developers, experts in teacher learning, and expert professional development facilitators to science educators across Connecticut.

NGSX is organized into learning pathways structured to immerse participants – as learners and as teachers -- in 3-Dimensional learning using a web-based system of tasks, tools and resources. The NGSX experience combines first-hand science investigations, videotaped expert commentary and classroom case studies along with facilitated individual, small group and whole group discussions.

In a collegial, seminar-like environment, NGSX participants will engage in modeling and constructing explanations of complex phenomena, hallmarks of Next Generation Science. They will also learn to use questioning strategies, or “talk moves”, to create a classroom culture in which students explain their thinking, listen to and build on the ideas of others and function as a community of critical thinkers.

Best for: Teachers of science, district science leaders, STEM coaches, teachers of other subjects, informal science educators
Cost: $1,500 per person
Learning hours: 36 hours; typically scheduled in 1- to 2-day sessions spread over about 2 months
Format: In-person facilitated study groups using a web-based professional learning program and first- hand experiences
Facilitation: Expert-facilitated by certified learning leaders

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