Engineering Lab

Engineering Lab

The Engineering Lab showcases state of the art technology alongside simple machines in a stunning presentation inspired by engineering from the past, present, and future. The new exhibition features hands-on tasks in five engineering disciplines – software, structural, mechanical, electrical, and aerospace engineering.

Each station features an interactive exhibit feature and incorporates an “engineering hero” story, featuring a problem that the engineering discipline can solve. The interactive touch screens walk visitors through a story by our animated hosts, Desi and Robin. The stories help children, parents, teachers, and visitors of all ages to see how engineering principles apply to real-world jobs solving interesting problems. The overall goal of the exhibit is to educate visitors in the engineering disciplines, drive interest in STEM careers, and make connections to career paths – all while having a fun, engaging experience.

Exhibit Highlights

  • Structural Engineering – Can you build a structure that can withstand earthquake? Test your skills constructing a building on a shake table.
  • Mechanical Engineering – Can you lift yourself off the floor quickly and easily? Use simple tools in this full-body experience to hoist yourself from the gallery floor.
  • Electrical Engineering – Turn on the lights, cool off with a fan, and set off alarms with your circuit-building skills. Once you have had your practice, can you make an intersection safe and working for cars, buses, pedestrians, and a train?
  • Aerospace Engineering – A Connecticut-inspired story, design your helicopter for the right mission in the rotorcraft challenge. Can you put out a forest fire or rescue stranded hikers?
  • Software Engineering – Can you drive a vehicle from one point to another? How about on Mars? Utilizing an introduction to object-oriented programming, drive a Mars rover to find samples for your scientific mission.

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