Mazes & Brain Games

MAZES & Brain Games

Closing January 26

Put your brain to the test in our newest hands-on exhibit, Mazes & Brain Games. Maneuver your way through this mind-boggling collection of 3D puzzles and full-body games. You will need to use your smarts, logic, balance, memory, and dexterity to solve our mazes and puzzles. Visitors of all ages will find a challenge in Mazes & Brain Games. You'll tease your brain at the brain teaser tables, build a 3D marble maze and watch it work, bust out a beat in the music maze, multiply yourself in the infinity mirror, and much more.

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Exhibit Highlights

Music Maze

Giant Double-Sided Finger Maze

Continuous Quad Finger Maze

Web Maze

Arrow Floor Maze

Mathematica Floor Maze

Senior Puzzle Floor Maze

Headlong Floor Maze


Marble Maze

History Of Mazes Gallery

David Anson Russo Fine Art Gallery

Giant Tower Of Hanoi

Brain Teaser Puzzle Tables

Labyrinthian Library


Exhibit Gallery