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    Video Communication Logistics

  • The Connecticut Science Center uses Zoom and Google Meet as their main video communication platforms. If you require use of another platform, we will follow up with you to discuss other options.

    STEM Career Showcases utilize a live YouTube stream in place of Google Meet and Zoom
  • Program Selection

  • Our wildlife biologist is going out of town for the day and it's up to us to make sure the animals get what they need for dinner. We have our list, we have our food... Uh Oh! One of our animals had an extra sneaky snack and we need your help to put the dinner menu back together and gather clues to figure out the correct foods to feed each animal.
  • What are the parts of a plant? Compare different plants to see how they are the same and different. Learn how the different parts of a plant help it survive and grow. Then, play a game to see how well YOU can do identifying the parts of a plant!
  • Follow the clues to uncover what happened to the house on the beach. Together, we will explore the impacts of wind and water on sand as we dig into how these forces shape our world.
  • Can you smash your way to success? Discover forces and motion by crashing cars with us! Together, we will explore how forces can change the outcome of a game of tug-of-war.
  • It's time to make a splash! We will work together to gather evidence from experiments in our wave tank and discover patterns hidden in water. Our findings will be put to good use as we race to find our stranded friend in the wave filled lake and explore the science behind the behavior of waves.
  • A botched bubble blowing contest, some wonky security footage. Sounds like it's time to use science to solve this crime! Help us gather evidence as we retrace the steps of the crime and discover not only who did it, but what caused the sabotage! Together, we will look for evidence of chemical reactions and identify the unique properties of newly formed products to help solve the chem-mystery!
  • Join us on a mission to listen and explore sounds from living things around the world. Travel with us to the Costa Rican rainforest to discover different sounds and see what sound can reveal about an environment and the animals living there. Interact with a live, virtual presenter as we play games, travel the globe, and train our ears to listen carefully to the sounds all around us.
  • Students will uncover the mysterious properties of light and explore how an object can instantly turn the word "mom" into the word "wow". An educator will guide them through testing various materials to "see" how light behaves when it passes through them.
  • The Earth is home to thousands of species of animals, living in different habitats around the world. These creatures survive due to their specific adaptations for their home environment. Join us and a live, virtual presenter to explore what an adaptation is, how they come to be, and see some of them in action with some of our live animal friends.
  • Astronauts are blasting off to an asteroid and they need YOUR help to complete the mission safely! Working as a team of aerospace materials engineers, design key features on a spacecraft to handle the challenges of space travel - from radiation to scorching heat.
  • Join us to explore the amazing power of air as we investigate air pressure and begin to understand how it helps us make objects hover in mid-air, break a board using only a ping pong ball, and even cause some explosions. You'll be blow away with the extreme power of air!
  • Ready for bookings in April!

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  • Ready for bookings in April

    "Who ruined the picnic?" Work together to analyze tracks, markings, scat, and more from a crime scene. Use the evidence to narrow down the suspects and discover the culprit behind the destroyed lunch!

  • Connect informally with professionals from corporate partners across the state through a series of virtual panels and discussion rooms, to engage in meaningful conversations and learn more about exciting STEM opportunities
  • We'll match your needs and the interests of your students with a representative from one of our corporate partners and schedule a personalized virtual event and individualized Q&A session for your classroom
  • A "kidnapping" has occurred at the Connecticut Science Center. Ima Box Turtle's tank was broken into and she was taken! Examine the evidence left at the scene to help narrow down the list of suspects and figure out who took Ima. Learn how to examine fingerprints, identify shoeprints found at the scene of the crime, and break the code on the ransom note!
  • Watch as your engineering ideas take flight! In this workshop you will design, build, test, and share flying creations. Learn about how airplanes and other flying objects stay in the air, and how the engineering process improves designs over time.
  • Logistics

  • Pricing: $175 per class
    Capacity: Up to 25 students per class
    Length: 40 minutes

    Program Requirements:
    • • Computer to stream the live program
    • • WiFi connection
    • • Speakers & microphone capabilities (can be through a laptop, desktop, or webcam)
    • • Screen to share the computer with a larger audience (optional)

    Note: A Zoom link will be provided prior to your program — A Zoom account is not needed to participate. Teachers will be provided with student handouts — no additional materials are needed.
  • Pricing: $175 per class
    Capacity: Up to 25 students per class
    Length: 40-45 minutes

    Program Requirements:
    • • Computer to stream the live program
    • • WiFi connection
    • • Speakers & microphone capabilities (can be through a laptop, desktop, or webcam)
    • • Screen to share the computer with a larger audience (optional)

    Note: To ensure that we have enough time to coordinate with our corporate partners, we need at least 2 weeks' notice to book Classroom Connections. Once booked, we will provide information regarding your scheduled STEM Professional approximately one week before your scheduled date.
  • Pricing: $175 per class
    Capacity: Up to 25 students per class
    Length: 2 hours

    Program Requirements:
    • • Computer to play live YouTube stream
    • • WiFi connection
    • • Speakers & microphone capabilities (can be through a laptop, desktop, or webcam)
    • • Screen to share the computer with a larger audience (optional)

    Note: All Showcases are from 9am - 11 am
    There is a Keynote Speaker and two 45-minute panel sessions, with breaks in between
  • Please provide a phone number we can reach you at on the day of your program in case we experience any technical difficulties

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  • Payment Information

  • Full payment is required prior to your program. If you are unable to make payment in advance, please contact the Reservation Center to make alternate payment arrangements.
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