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Forces in Motion

Forces in Motion

Eversource Gallery

Forces in Motion

How far can a robot throw a ball? What makes a sailboat sail, or a high-flying machine fly? Can a fast-moving car have square wheels? Find out the answers to these questions and more as you compete to see who can keep motion-related designs flying longer, racing faster or shooting straighter. If it moves, we’ve got it covered.

Exhibit Highlights

  • Design a car and test its speed.
  • See how different wind directions affect a sailboat’s progress.
  • Guide a beach ball in the air and through a hoop using the power of the wind.
  • Design and test your own heliflyer.
  • Toss a ball sky-high with the help of a robot.


  • William and Margaret Cibes
  • H.A. Vance Foundation
  • Marjorie E. Morrissey
  • TRUMPF Inc.
  • Len and Robyn Wolman

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