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Sports Lab

Sports Lab

The Hartford Gallery

Cycling to Wellness New


The newest addition to our Sports Lab Exhibit Gallery, “Cycling to Wellness”, includes a virtual cycling game, a Build-a-Bike interactive cycling program, which enables children to test their bike designs on various landscapes from a level concrete surface to a rugged mountain trail; educational information on the health benefits of bicycling and other health-related information; and a UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling racing bicycle used during the 2015 professional cycling season.


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Sports Lab

Get in the game! Use your brain and your brawn to compete in hands-on challenges just like a professional athlete. Learn which sport best suits you, test your strength, see state-of-the-art sports equipment the pros use and see what’s going on INSIDE the athlete’s body.

Exhibit Highlights

  • Take the speed pitch challenge to see how you measure up to the pros.
  • Build your perfect bike.
  • Hit the slopes in our ski simulator.
  • Crash-test helmets to see how much pressure they can take—can they keep you safe?
  • Squeeze, push and pull to measure your strength.
  • Win a race using only your brain waves.


  • Robert Fiondella
  • IT Direct
  • Kostin, Ruffkess & Company, LLC
  • McDonald’s
  • Reid and Riege, P.C.
  • Dona and Roland Young

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