Vacation Exploration Camps

Kids have FUN on school vacation at the Connecticut Science Center!

Campers in grades 1-6 will experience hands-on science enrichment through fun and engaging activities. Camps include structured activities with our STEM Educators, as well as supervised free time to explore the Science Center's galleries and exhibits.

We offer Day Camps during school vacation as well as week-long programs in the summer. Each camp's theme helps develop science concepts, guiding campers to greater understanding of science material and its application to the real world. Kids can explore a different science theme at each camp!

Questions? To learn more or make a reservation, contact us at (860) 520-2177 or email us at Our fax number is (860) 727-9821.

Winter Camp (2018)

  • Monday, January 15 – Ninjago

    Become a spinjitsu master as you investigate the elements of earth, ice, fire, and lightning. Test your flexibility as you dip, dive, and dodge through a laser maze! And work with other fellow ninjas to build the skills necessary to defeat the evil Lord Garmadon and achieve true Ninjago status.
  • Monday, February 19 – Slow Mo

    Get ready to take things down a few notches and slow down as we experiment with all things sluggish! We will work together to uncover the mysteries that our eyes cannot see as we investigate the science of speed, in slow motion, to reveal what is really happening.
  • Tuesday, February 20 – Blown Away

    Hold on tight as we discover the power of air! You will be blown away at the power and force that air and wind can create. Complete challenges and find ways to make this invisible matter work for you as we experiment with air pressure, fly hovercrafts, and sail cars that glide around. It is going to be a gas!
Registration Fees
  • $62 per day for Science Center members and Corporate members
  • $65 per day for employees of businesses in downtown Hartford
  • $68 per day for non-members
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April Camp (2018)

  • Monday, April 9 – Trick Your Senses

    Join us on a SENSEational journey through your 5 senses to uncover how they can help, protect, and even trick you. How well do you really know your own senses?
  • Tuesday, April 10 – Riddle Me This

    The wicked Puzzle Master has filled the Science Center with traps! Work together to analyze cryptic clues left behind. Locate hidden keys to unlock treasure boxes. Use your intuition and intellect to outsmart the Puzzle Master!
  • Wednesday, April 11 – Bionic Animals

    Something is wrong in the animal kingdom and we need your help! Team up with the Science Center to design a prosthetic prototype to help an elephant get back on her feet, and bioengineer a new beak for a Bald Eagle. Learn how artificial limbs can help both people and animals and tour our new traveling exhibit Bionic Me!
  • Thursday, April 12 – The Science of Art

    Discover the link between art and science! See how artists use science to help them create a masterpiece, and discover your inner artist!
  • Friday, April 13 – Rescue Mission

    Explore the science and technology used by heroes to rescue those in trouble. Design your own rescue gear to help you get the mission done. It's up to you to save the day!
Registration Fees
  • $62 per day for Science Center members and Corporate members
  • $65 per day for employees of businesses in downtown Hartford
  • $68 per day for non-members
Online Camp Registration

Camp Information

Thank you for your interest in our Vacation Exploration Camps!
Here’s some logistical information to make your Camp experience even more amazing.

  • When: We offer day camps during school vacations (December, February, April) and week-long camps during the summer. Check this web page often to see upcoming camp dates and themes as they are added throughout the year.
  • Drop-off: Campers should arrive between 8 and 8:45AM.
  • Pick-up: Please pick up your child between 3:30 and 4PM.
  • Extended Care: We offer affordable after care from 4 to 5PM. The cost for after care is $10 per child for Science Center members and $15 per child for non-members.

Drop-Off Parking

Required Forms

Please download, complete, and return all of the following forms. You must return the forms before your child can be registered for Camp.