Membership Pricing


Membership gives you the opportunity to visit as much as you want during the year as well as the flexibility to bring different guests with you each time you visit.

Connecticut Science Center Memberships are sold based on the total number of people that you would have visiting at one time, including adults and children (age 3+). The level of your Membership indicates the total number of people that may visit the Connecticut Science Center at one time. Please note: the Caregiver add-on does not increase the size of the Membership.

Every Membership requires a minimum of one named cardholder and can have up to two named cardholders (excluding an Individual Membership). These cardholders must be adults over the age of 18. One will be the "primary" and the other the "secondary" members on the account. Only the primary cardholder can make adjustments/changes to the Membership. One of these two cardholders must always be present to use the membership, they also count towards the total number of people visiting. We do not print any other names on the cards.



Our Access Membership program is for qualifying families with residency in Connecticut or Massachusetts who want all the same benefits that a traditional annual Membership provides but at a reduced price. Options are available for up to either four or six people provided the eligibility requirements are met.

Please see our ACCESS MEMBERSHIP PAGE for details and to apply.


Visit Connecticut's only year-round tropical butterfly habitat anytime you visit the Science Center. With the Butterfly Encounter add-on, everyone on your Membership will be entitled to complimentary tickets to the Butterfly Encounter should you choose to go on the date of your visit.

The Butterfly Encounter add-on is an additional $15 per person on the Membership and must be applied across the entire Membership. So, for example, a four-person Membership would pay an additional $60 to add this feature. This add-on can be added to any existing Membership at any point in time during your Membership cycle. It will assume the primary Membership expiration date, regardless of the purchase date of the add-on.


The Caregiver add-on is $60 (on any Membership level 2 person or greater) and will allow you to add a third Cardholder to your membership, so that a grandparent, au pair, nanny, or other caregiver may use your Membership and visit with your children. This add-on option does not increase the total number of people who can visit at any time; that is still designated by the membership level. Memberships with Caregivers only allow a third (named) person to use the membership without either the first or the second named Cardholder present.


Symbolically adopt a tropical butterfly and support our mission and programs. You will receive a certificate, photo, and information about your species. Butterfly adoption makes a unique and thoughtful gift - and the perfect accompaniment to any Membership.



Level Membership + Butterfly Encounter + Caregiver + Caregiver & Butterfly
Individual $95.00
15% $80.75
15% $93.50
2 Person $145.00
15% $123.25
15% $148.75
15% $174.25
15% $199.75
3 Person $180.00
15% $153.00
15% $191.25
15% $204.00
15% $242.25
4 Person $215.00
15% $182.75
15% $233.75
15% $233.75
15% $284.75
5 Person $250.00
15% $212.50
15% $276.25
15% $263.50
15% $327.25
6 Person $285.00
15% $242.25
15% $318.75
15% $293.25
15% $369.75
  • Individual Memberships are for one adult named member only.
  • One named Cardholder must be present to visit using a Membership.
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One visit is never enough, making a Science Center Membership incredibly valuable. A Connecticut Science Center Membership pays for itself on your second visit. When you purchase day tickets, you can upgrade them to a year-long membership before you leave. The value of your General Admission tickets from that day can be applied towards the membership level you choose. However, the number of tickets used for the upgrade cannot exceed the membership level (e.g., 4 General Admission tickets can be applied towards a 4-Person Membership).

Please note that add-ons are not eligible for trade-up, and only one receipt can be used for the upgrade. The upgrade must be completed onsite on the same day before you leave.


Memberships are non-refundable and non-transferrable. At least one named Cardholder listed on the Membership must always be present and is included in the admission count when visiting. Cardholders must be over the age of 18. Cardholders will be asked to show their membership card and a photo ID when visiting. Admission privileges do not extend to visits with birthday parties, school field trips, or other group reservations. Memberships are exclusively for use at the Connecticut Science Center.

The Connecticut Science Center respects and maintains the security of your personal information. Personal information is never shared or sold to any third party vendor.

For more information or to ask a question, please contact: or call (860) 520-2160.