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Gift of Membership

Our Membership model is different from the standard family membership! Please read How Membership Works to fully understand how Membership works before you make your gift.

Before you give, please review the following information to ensure you make the most of this valuable gift:

  • A Membership is considered a “Gift Membership” when the person making the purchase is not the primary Cardholder on the membership. If your address is different from that of your recipient, or you will not be named on the cards, choose “Gift of Membership” when you make your purchase. If you are buying this Membership as a gift for your own family, and you will be named on the cards, select regular “Membership” when you join.
  • We do not put memberships in the name of a child. The two named Cardholders on the Membership must be adults. If you are purchasing a Membership as a gift for a child, you must put the membership in the names of either one or two adults who will bring him/her to the Science Center. The child’s name will not appear on the Membership cards. For more information, please read How Membership Works.
  • You may pick a start date for the membership during check-out. All gifts of Membership expire a year from the date of purchase. Please note that we do not change the start date once the membership has started.
  • You will have the option to have the Membership materials mailed to you or your gift recipient. Please be aware that during busy seasons it can take up to 5 weeks for cards to be printed and mailed.
  • We do not contact Membership recipients before the start date of the Membership. You, the Gift-giver, will receive an email confirmation which you may forward to your recipients (we will not email them directly).
  • Gift of Membership recipients may begin to use their membership as soon as it is active. The membership recipients may go to the ticketing counter and show a valid ID and the email confirmation that you forwarded to them. The staff will locate their membership in our system. Please be aware that memberships bought online do not appear in our system until the following day, so gift recipients must show the email confirmation.
  • If you complete your transaction and realize there has been a mistake, please contact the Membership Office at 860-520-2160 as soon as possible. We will not make changes to the Membership once the cards have been printed and mailed.
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Membership Pricing

Level         Membership Only Membership w/ Caregiver Membership w/ Butterfly Encounter Membership w/ Butterfly Encounter & Caregiver
Individual $75 N/A $85 N/A
2 Person $125 $165 $145 $185
3 Person $160 $200 $190 $230
4 Person $195 $235 $235 $275
5 Person $230 $270 $280 $320
6 Person $265 $305 $325 $365
10 Person $335 $375 $435 $475
  • Individual Memberships are for one adult named member only.
  • One named Cardholder must be present to visit using a Membership.
Give the Gift of Membership

Membership Gift Certificate

If you're giving the Gift of Membership and would like to present a certificate to your recipients before their Membership Cards arrive, you can download and print this gift-ready certificate at home.

Download Printable Certificate