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Gift of Membership

Give someone special the gift of SCIENCE with a year of hands-on FUN at the Connecticut Science Center. You may purchase a gift of Membership online, at the ticketing counter, or over the phone.

Before you give, please review the following information to ensure you make the most of this valuable gift:

  • A “gift” membership is a membership where the person purchasing the membership is not going to be named as one of the two primary Cardholders.
  • All Memberships (with the exception of an Individual Membership) give you the option to name either one or two adults to be “Cardholders” on the membership. At least one of these adult Cardholders must be present at all times to use the membership or any of the benefits. You can think of these adults as a primary named member and an alternate, one of whom must always be there to use the membership card. If you are purchasing a Membership as a gift for a child, please set up the membership in the names of either one or two adults who will bring him/her to the Science Center. We do not put memberships in the name of children, so the child’s name will not appear on the Membership cards.
  • All gifts of Membership expire a year from the date of purchase and will be mailed directly to the gift recipient within 4 weeks. If you would like the materials mailed to you, or you would like the Membership to begin after a certain date, please let us know by contacting our Membership Office.
  • Gift of Membership recipients may begin to use their membership immediately. The membership recipients may go to the ticketing counter and show a valid ID. The staff will locate their membership in our system. If you have purchased your gift of membership online, please send your recipients with a copy of the email confirmation, as memberships bought online do not appear in our system until the following day.
Give a Gift of Membership Today

Membership Pricing

Individual $75
2 Person $115
3 Person $145
4 Person $180
5 Person $210
6 Person $245
Up To 10 People $305
  • Individual Memberships are for one adult named member only.
  • For 2 Person Memberships and above, you may name two adults over the age of 18 as Cardholders.
  • One named Cardholder must be present to visit using a Membership.