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Mandell Academy for Teachers

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Name Position Email Ext
Matt Fleury President & CEO
Lisa Mottola CFO lmottola(at)CTScienceCenter(dot)org 148
Cheryl Tokarski Vice President, Programs ctokarski(at)CTScienceCenter(dot)org 179
Cherie Sweeney Vice President, Operations csweeney(at)CTScienceCenter(dot)org 123
John Bourdeaux Vice President, Advancement jbourdeaux(at)CTScienceCenter(dot)org 131
Deborah Swanson Finance Manager dswanson(at)CTScienceCenter(dot)org 113

Human Resources

Name Email
Human Resources HR(at)CTScienceCenter(dot)org

Visitor Services

Name Position Email Ext
Patricia Faulds Director of Visitor Services pfaulds(at)CTScienceCenter(dot)org 119

School Programs

Name Position Email Ext
Stephanie Airoldi Director of Education sairoldi(at)CTScienceCenter(dot)org 106

Professional Development

Name Position Email Ext
Holly Hollander Director of the Mandell Academy hhollander(at)CTScienceCenter(dot)org 122

Summer and School Vacation Camps

Name Position Email Ext
Camp Camp Director camps(at)CTScienceCenter(dot)org 177

Overnight Programs

Name Position Email Ext
Zachary Zemantic Overnight Program Manager zzemantic(at)CTScienceCenter(dot)org 117

Marketing & Membership

Name Position Email Ext
Tracy Shirer Director of Marketing & Public Relations tshirer(at)CTScienceCenter(dot)org 116
Sean Nadeau Marketing & Membership Manager snadeau(at)CTScienceCenter(dot)org 167


Name Position Email Ext
April Paterno Director of Development apaterno(at)CTScienceCenter(dot)org 129
Whitney Gray Director of Institutional Giving wgray(at)CTScienceCenter(dot)org 124
Amy Sailor Advancement Program Manager asailor(at)CTScienceCenter(dot)org 163

Group Sales

Name Position Email Ext
Brit Montmeat Group Sales Account Manager bmontmeat(at)CTScienceCenter(dot)org 112

Exhibit Development

Name Position Email Ext
Richard Thomas Director of Exhibit Development and Design rthomas(at)CTScienceCenter(dot)org 115


Name Position Email Ext
Ed Lane Director of Facilities and Exhibit Support elane(at)CTScienceCenter(dot)org 130