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The Arctic: Our Last Great Wilderness (3D)

NOW SHOWING 45 Minutes All Ages

Imagine a vast, wild, and magical place in the far north of Alaska–where one of Earth’s greatest natural spectacles unfolds. Princess Daazhraii Johnson of the Gwich’in tribe reveals the land that has sustained her people for untold generations. Experience a world that has evolved intact and untamed since the beginning. Journey with National Geographic photographer Florian Schulz on his five-year quest to film the elusive 200,000-strong Porcupine Caribou herd as it migrates to the Arctic Coastal Plain, one of the longest animal migrations on earth. Filled with intimate moments featuring polar bears and musk oxen, wolves, grizzlies, golden eagles, and more, The Arctic: Our Last Great Wilderness is the first cinematic exploration of a world few have seen until now.

Butterfly Journey


Experience a cinematic flight into one of nature’s miracles in Butterfly Journey, an incredible new giant-screen film. These enigmatic creatures are delicate and resilient, showcasing their incredible adaptations and survival instincts during their epic migrations. The film follows the awe-inspiring journey of the Blue Tigers of Australia and the Monarchs of North America and Mexico, using state-of-the-art techniques to capture every tiny detail of their world. With slow-motion, drone, and macro filming techniques, viewers will be immersed in the wonders of metamorphosis and migration, witnessing firsthand the remarkable resilience of these beautiful creatures.