Purchase a Membership to the Connecticut Science Center.

Select Recipient

Select Level

This is the number of people who may visit at one time, including both adults and children aged 3+.

Add a Caregiver

Memberships with a Caregiver allow you to add a third Cardholder to your membership, so that a grandparent, au pair, nanny, or another caregiver may also use your Membership and visit with your children. Note – this option does not increase the total number of people who can visit at any time; that is still designated by the membership “level” or size.

Add Butterfly Encounter

The Butterfly Encounter add-on is only $10 per person on the Membership (or, $10 x the “level” or size of the Membership). Butterfly Encounter visits are regularly priced at $5 per person for members, so this enhancement pays for itself after only 2 visits!