Butterfly Encounter

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Join hundreds of butterflies at the most glorious stage of their fascinating lifecycle in a tropical greenhouse - an all new, must-see, destination within the Connecticut Science Center.

  • 40-50 different species free flying. Changing species weekly to expand the diversity.
  • Get up close and personal - butterflies may touch or land on you!
  • Over 30 different species of plants chosen for the butterflies, creating an exotic tropical feel, featuring flora like the shrimp plant, coral vine, Lantana, Cucumber Vine, and Pentas.
  • Live chrysalis emerging naturally, checked daily, and then released into display. Observe the magical emergence of the final stage of metamorphosis.
  • The average temperature inside this exhibit will be 80°F with around 80% humidity.

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Emerging Summer 2017

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Our butterflies are not just beautiful and educational; they are also a part of a global conservation effort. By creating an opportunity to generate income for farmers, these butterflies improve forest restoration and increase awareness for conservation in areas where there was once none. Most butterfly farmers rely on the natural forest to grow their butterfly trade. This means that they have to work to conserve as much natural forest as possible. Studies have shown that this link between conservation and butterfly farming has increased positive attitudes and behaviors among butterfly farmers.

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