The Connecticut Science Center is an influential and exemplary leader in creating equitable engagement and access to STEM learning opportunities and STEM careers. We realize this vision with the proficiency and experience of our diverse team, supported by research and insight from our community and partners within the STEM Ecosystem. We share the advantages that STEM affords to individuals and communities as beneficiaries.

sensory friendly days

To create a welcoming and inclusive learning environment for anyone with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and sensory processing differences, we have made several accommodations at the Connecticut Science Center on select dates during the year that we call our Sensory Friendly Days. Our dedicated staff will lower the volume, dim the lights, and limit distracting motions or extra sounds throughout the facility. We have added extra signage to help visitors identify potential triggers in specific exhibits or galleries. Everyone who could benefit from this sensory-friendly environment is welcome to be our special guest for the day. Even with these accommodations, all visitors can still access the Connecticut Science Center’s exciting exhibits and attractions. Additionally, 1:1 aides are always included along with a paid General Admission.

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Our exhibits include elements that attempt to reach as many learning styles, levels of interest, and physical needs as possible through use of audios, visuals, closed captions on videos, tactile components, and personal interactions with Connecticut Science Center team members in the galleries.

For those who need it, there is a passenger drop off and pick up area in front of the building at the Columbus Boulevard entrance. There are also a limited number of wheelchairs for use on a first come, first served basis which can be obtained at the Security desk.

  • Seating and benches are located throughout the facility for your comfort and convenience.
  • Licensed guide and service dogs are welcome in the facility.
  • Infrared Assistive Listening Devices for theater presentations (available upon request.)
  • Exhibit display panels are positioned for comfortable viewing from a wheel chair.
  • If you need any assistance operating an exhibit, or have any questions while visiting the Science Center, please ask any team member (identifiable by uniform shirt and ID badge) and they’ll be most happy to assist you.