President’s Welcome

On behalf of my colleagues on the staff and the Board of Trustees, welcome to the Connecticut Science Center!


The Connecticut Science Center represents the best of our state’s legacy of invention, and a glimpse at the limitless future possibilities here in Connecticut and beyond. A hub of innovation for our country, Connecticut has given the world an incredible array of advances based in science, technology, engineering, and math – from the helicopter to the whiffle ball, from cutting-edge aerospace to the latest in pharmaceuticals. The vision, knowledge, creativity, and commitment of our fellow citizens have made important and appealing things that continue to improve our lives and our world.

At the Connecticut Science Center, we are in the midst of celebrating our 10th anniversary year, a shared milestone of achievement for our city, region and state. Our work has progressed and our surroundings have been transformed over the last ten years, but our purpose remains the same: to cultivate a science-aware society and inspire generations of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) talent to carry forward our shared culture of innovation.

You do not have to be a scientist – or a child – to enjoy the Connecticut Science Center. We open the doors of science to every visitor in an approachable, accessible way. Expanding scientific and technological discovery through increased knowledge, and even a future career, is at the very core of our mission, particularly for those who may believe that STEM success is beyond their reach. Our mission resonates in every person who walks through our doors, and in communities all across Connecticut.

All of this occurs in a place that is fun, whether you come to us on a sunny afternoon or a rainy day, with a school field trip or with family and friends, as a teacher or a student. We work hard every day, in new and exciting ways, to engage you and your imagination so that you see science as a part of your life – approachable and enjoyable.

Inside the Science Center, you can experience an ever-changing variety of more than 165 interactive exhibits that involve you in everything from race cars to rocket ships, from strength in your muscles to wind in your sails, from brainwaves to butterflies to missions on Mars. Explore Our Changing Earth, watch a lively 3D movie and discover your own inspiration with friendly, knowledgeable staff in live science demonstrations. Our traveling exhibits and permanent exhibits evolve and change, which means you will always find something new to explore and enjoy.

As you visit, we invite you to take a look at the Founding Donors Wall where you’ll see the names of the many people and organizations who made this dynamic Connecticut Science Center a reality. They are not all scientists, but they share a commitment to advancing knowledge and moving us closer to what’s next. Their gift to all of us is this remarkable work – empowering us to learn, enjoy, benefit from and contribute to science that is for and about you, your families, our community, and our world.

We look forward to welcoming you on your next visit!

Matt Fleury

President & Chief Executive Officer | Biography