Request For Proposals

Building Security Technology System

Project Summary & Deliverables:

The Connecticut Science Center seeks to engage a Contractor to review the security related technology systems and equipment within the organization for the purposes of upgrading video surveillance capabilities, access control, visitor and staff management, mass notification during potential active threat situations and after-hours intrusion detection. A prioritized list of security initiatives and pricing breakdown for each category is desired. The project will also include training to Science Center system administrative personnel.

  1. Exterior door access control
  2. Interior door access control
  3. Visitor management system
  4. Employee access management system
  5. Increased utilization of video surveillance cameras (Interior & Exterior)
  6. Mass notification alerts
  7. Potential upgrades of emergency alarm system(s)
  8. Other areas the Proposer deems appropriate

Project Timeline:

The Connecticut Science Center has a strong commitment to delivering its security system on an ambitious timeline but expects that the access management system will be the first priority while other elements may be phased-in over a period of time. The timeline will be determined in consultation with the selected Contractor. Taking into consideration that the Science Center is primarily a public attraction-based museum, work will need to be done with as little disruption as possible while still maintaining daily security concerns and functions. We will look to the selected Contractor to help build out a more detailed project timeline, implementation, and training plan for the various components of the project.

Send Bid:

All bids should be sent directly to the contact below either electronically or by mail (or both). If sending a hard-copy proposal, please also include a thumb drive with the electronic copy as well. All bids, regardless of how they are being delivered, must be received by 5:00pm/EST on September 29, 2023. The Connecticut Science Center is not responsible for any mailed or emailed proposals that are rejected, lost, or undelivered.

Jerry Erwin
Director of Security
Connecticut Science Center
250 Columbus Boulevard Hartford, CT 06103


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