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Energy City

Energy City

Wind turbines, solar panels, hydropower and fuel cells are just a few of the alternative energy technologies you will discover in Energy City. As you tour this model city, add up the savings of “smart energy” behaviors, and measure how your energy uses affect our planet.

Supported by

National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), a U.S. Department on Energy Laboratory

Energize Connecticut
F.W. Webb Company/ Frank Webb Bath Supply
Connecticut Lighting Centers

Exhibit Highlights


An Architect’s Energy Planner

Buildings use more than one-third of our nation’s energy. Explore the sustainable design of this library.


Light Power

Spin a crank to see which types of lightbulbs are most efficient.


Power Up Energy City

Map the paths of electricity through a model of a city, including some of Hartford’s most recognizable buildings.


The Power of Numbers

Every little bit of fossil fuel you save counts. Calculate your carbon footprint and explore goals you can set to reduce that number.