Science Fiction, Science Future


Step into the future and experience the unimaginable! Control objects with your thoughts, disappear from sight, engage in games with robotic companions, and immerse yourself in augmented reality. Science Fiction, Science Future takes you on a one-of-a-kind adventure, delving into the wonders of tomorrow's Explore a futuristic world bustling with interactive and engaging activities showcasing the latest cutting-edge technologies such as holograms, robotics, invisibility, augmented reality, and so much more. Science Fiction, Science Future blurs the lines between science fiction and reality, revealing that the future is not as distant as it may seem. For a limited-time only and included with any paid General Admission or Membership.


  • Robot copycat - Robots are no longer just industrial machines but can now have social applications. Interact with this robot and see it analyze your emotions and mimic them.
  • Mind control - Sensors can measure a huge range of things about our bodies, including our state of relaxation. Using this engaging exhibit, visitors compete against one another to see who can move a ball using only their brain waves.
  • Invisible me - Cloaking features heavily in science fiction movies, either as personal invisibility cloaks or a method for making entire spaceships undetectable. Visitors interacting with this exhibit can see how all or part of them can become ‘cloaked’ as they watch themselves disappear on screen.
  • Beam me up - Imagine if teleportation could really be the transport of the future. Enter this exhibit and give your family and friends the illusion of being beamed out and back again.
  • Projection ball - Within the center of this exhibition, this giant inflatable sphere features a continuous montage of futuristic images and videos projected onto a unique dome surface.
  • Design a cyborg - This entertaining exhibit allows visitors to create a customized cyborg of the future. A range of organic and synthetic parts are available to create this augmented reality robotic friend.
  • Eye control - Initially developed for people with limited body movement. This exhibit asks the visitor to control various components on a computer screen using only their eyes.
  • Augmented reality - Using advanced augmented reality technology, visitors can scan a special wristband and see a virtual 3D avatar appear on screen that reveals information about their DNA, medical condition and possible future career.
  • Our quantum future - A classic demonstration of light that underpins quantum physics and explores its links to the possibilities of transporter technology.
  • Wormholes through space - Some scientists believe it could be possible to journey through space and time by travelling through a wormhole. This exhibit reveals what a wormhole is and how we could travel through one.
  • Holographic future - Imagine having a 3D hologram appear out of a mobile phone. This exhibit explores how we might communicate through holograms in the future.
  • Medibioscan 3000 - Medical scans are integral in revealing information about our body systems. As this technology evolves, we predict it will provide more information and even be able to treat diseases non-invasively. Visitors can enter the Medibioscan 3000 and see what it reveals about their internal body.
  • Future past - This exhibit takes a look at the visions people had of the future from the 1890s to the present day. Did they get it right?


Science Fiction, Science Future is included with the purchase of General Admission or a Membership.

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