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Field Trip Request Worksheet

Field Trip Request Form

Field Trips @ the Connecticut Science Center

Please make a selection:
What type of group are you booking for?

If your group does not fit into any of these categories please call the Reservation Center at 860-520-2150. We are happy to help!

Organization Information

Organization Address
Organization Address
Grade Level

Your Information

Phone Type #1
Phone Type #2
What is your title?
Will you be attending this field trip as the group leader?
If no, please fill out the group leader's contact information below

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Field Trip Logistics

Date and Time Selection

Closed: Monday-Tuesday
Open: Wednesday-Friday, 9:00 am-4:00 pm

Current Traveling Exhibition: Under the Canopy

Arrival and Departure times are in 15 minute intervals between 9:00 am-3:00 pm
I can arrive at the Science Center as early as:
I can depart the Science Center as late as:

Transportation and Parking

How will your group be arriving?
There is no on-site parking at the Connecticut Science Center. Off-site Bus Parking: $12.00 per bus at the Connecticut Convention Center next door.
Exact cash or credit card will be accepted directly at the parking log. Directions to the lot will be provided to bus drivers upon arrival.
Garage Parking (cars or vans under 8'2"): $3.00 for the first hour, $2.00 for each additional hour

Participant Information

Please provide the approximate number of youth and adults that will be attending. Your headcounts may be adjusted at any time before you submit payment.

To ensure proper student supervision, the cost of 1 chaperone for every 8 students is automatically added onto your reservation
Student Aides are 1:1 with a student who could not come to the Science Center without their assistance.
Teacher helpers/student teachers are not counted as aides.

Group Pricing

General Admission (Required)
$14.00 per person
$15.00 per person

A 15 person minimum is required to qualify for the youth group rate.
Scout Groups only require a minimum of 10.
$14.00 per person
Persons with disabilities (PWD) receive an admission rate of $15.00 per person.
If an individual requires one-to-one assistance throughout their visit, their accompanying staff member will be admitted at no charge.
Any additional persons or staff who are not 1:1 with a student/client will receive the rate of $15.00 per person.

Adult/Senior Group Pricing
Senior groups are exempt from the 15 person minimum requirement, however, a reservation is still required.

Field Trip Activities - Lunch

It is free to reserve space in our lunch room. If indoor lunch room space is fully booked, you have the option to eat outside on the Science Center's plaza or on the Riverfront Plaza which is directly adjacent to the Science Center (weather permitting).
Will you be eating your lunch during your field trip?
Is your group comfortable with potentially sharing lunch room space with other groups?

Field Trip Activities - 3D Movies and Theater Presentations

Would you like to view a 3D Movie or a Stage Show?
3D Movie Selection
$6.00 per person
Stage Show Selection
$7.00 per person

Field Trip Activities- Discovery Center Programs

Would you like to participate in educational programming?

20 minute Butterfly Encounter Programs
$6.50 per person, per program

45 minute Classroom Program
$9.00 per person, per program
Each of these programs models one classroom period of inquiry-based hands on investigations.  Programs align with the Next Generation Science Standards

60 minute Space Lab Program
$9.50 per person, per program
Energy Through Time and Space: Take a million-mile journey to investigate the invisible energy that holds the universe together and provides a sustainable climate for life on earth

What grades are you booking for?
Please select the grade band(s) that will be participating in the program.
For more details about our programs, please follow this link.
Grades K-2
Grades 3-5
Grades 6-8
Grades 9-12

Additional Information - Survey

What prompted you to book with the Connecticut Science Center?

Payment Information

Full payment is required prior to your visit. If you are unable to make payment in advance, please contact the Reservation Center to make alternate payment arrangements.

Please note: Corporate memberships and Science Center memberships are not applicable for field trip admission.

Is your field trip being funded by a grant or contract?

Quote Information

Are you interested in adding on any additional experiences?
Quote Acknowledgement
When you are ready to book your field trip, please resubmit this form as a request.