SpaceX Launches Astronauts to the Space Station!

Connecticut Science Center Podcast :
SpaceX Launches Astronauts to the Space Station!
Special Down To A Science feature. We were so excited about the recent SpaceX Launch that we just had to put together this Down To A Science Podcast special. Hear from Educators Andrew Fotta and Nick Villagra as they discuss the exciting news of the first time a private company—SpaceX— has launched astronauts on an official mission to the International Space Station.



Nick Villagra is a STEM Educator at the Connecticut Science Center, responsible for developing and delivering science experiences, including classroom lab programs, stage shows, and vacation camps. Nick holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Engineering from Swarthmore College. and has been a speaker at the New England Museum Association conference. Always looking to put a unique stamp on the Science Center’s offerings, Nick enjoys incorporating custom-designed 3D printed materials for students to interact with.


Andrew Fotta is a STEM educator at the Connecticut Science Center. He has currently holds a CT teaching certification for grades K-6, and has spent time in the classroom in nearly all grades, and taught middle school science. In addition to teaching classes for the Science Center, Andrew is also part of a team of educators currently creating new programs aligned with the new Next Generation Science Standards for grades PreK-9. Andrew is an avid photographer, who enjoys blending science and art in his work.