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Exploration Guides

Our Exploration Guides help bring our exhibits to life! Students can use the guides to explore our exhibits through interactive activities, which immerse them in fun, hands-on science while providing connections to the Connecticut State Science Standards.

Please note: As we are a dynamic museum with many changing experiences, not all exhibits identified in the trail guides will be available at all times.

Below are the Exploration Guides that we have developed, along with the corresponding Connecticut and Massachusetts standards they support. Please feel free to download and print the guides for your students to use on your next trip to the Connecticut Science Center.

New NGSS-Aligned Guides

Program Title Grade Band
Earth Exploration Guide 3-5
Weather: Wild & Wacky K-2
Forces: When Objects Collide K-2
Forces: Exploring Push and Pull 3-5
Weather: Time To Forecast 3-5
Forces: Why Do They Matter? 6-8
Weather: Unpredictable And Extreme 6-8
Program Title CT Standards MA Standards
Weather K.3 Earth PreK-2 #3,5
Life PreK-2 #7
Positions 1.1 Earth PreK-2 #5
States of Matter 2.1 Physical PreK-2 #1, 2
Physical 3-5 #2
Properties Of Matter 3.1
Earth’s Resources 3.4 Physical 6-8 #14,16
Erosion 4.3 Earth 3-5 #12; Earth 6-8 #6
Sound 5.1a Earth 3-5 #12; Earth 6-8 #6
Abiotic Factors in Ecosystems 6.2
Meteorology 6.3 Earth 3-5 #6, 10, 11
Earth 6-8 #3
Landforms 7.3 Earth 3-5 #4, 12
Earth 6-8 #6, 7