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Advice From a Bubbleologist

BubbleMania’s Top 3 Secrets For Brilliant Bubbling

You Can do simple but amazing bubble tricks with just a little practice IF you remember a few “inside secrets” of the bubble experts!


1. The Secret to Excellent Bubble Liquids!

Find a simple home-made bubble mixes at www.bubblemania.com/faq/solution. Be sure to pay attention to mixing and storing details. Even the best formula can go bad if put into a dirty container, by using the wrong type of water or letting it get too thick from evaporation.


2. The Secret to Handling Bubbles Without Popping Them!

Bubbles usually do not pop when touched by or landing on wet things. Hold bubbles on your wet hands, or put your soapy fingers right inside the bubble. Stick a wet straw through to blow a bubble inside a bubble. Quickly slide a soapy shoelace through a floating bubble to split in two! Or have it roll down the wet string! Keep dry hair, sleeves and cats away from the bubble. Try and copy my tricks in the videos on www.bubblemania.com.


3. The Secret to Making The Biggest, Longest Lasting Bubbles!

Bubbles are thin layers of liquid and they dry up faster when the air is dry and when the hot sun shines directly on them. For longer lasting bubbles make them on cloudy days or at sunrise or sunset. Plus, the wetter the air the better for bubbling. That’s because higher humidity slows down the evaporation of water from the thing bubble. That means rainy, misty, muggy, days can be terrific times to make the best bubbles ever.


Top Secret Home-Made Bubble Formula

10 ounces distilled water or “soft” tap water (avoid “hard” water)

1 ounce dishwashing liquid (AJAX works well) OR 2 ounces Ultra Dawn or Ultra Joy

For longer lasting bubbles:

Add 2 ounces of store-bought bubble mix 1/4 tsp glycerine (helps in low humidity)


For even more bubble science,  check out our blog post Science At Play: Bubble Bonanza.


To learn more able Bubblemania visit Casey’ website: http://www.bubblemania.com


Casey Carle is a bubble-ologist who has performed 4,000 shows at schools, theaters, and science centers across the country and around the world. He has even taught bubble science to millions on the Discovery Channel and The Science Channel.