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Dear Science: Why Does Yeast Rise?

We have received so many amazing questions through our Dear Science campaign, including this one from Oli, age 10. Why does yeast rise? You might know that yeast is used a lot in baking, especially in baking bread. There is something very special about yeast that causes it to rise, do you know what that special property is? The answer may surprise you, watch the full video below to learn more.


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Jessie Scott is a STEM Educator who enjoys encouraging students’ enthusiasm for science. She teaches classes to students visiting the Science Center and brings STEM lessons to schools across Connecticut. Jessie completed her Master of Science degree in Microbiology at Dartmouth College and worked as a science educator at the Montshire Museum of Science before coming to the Connecticut Science Center. Her scientific interests are: biology – how living things have adapted different strategies to survive in their environments, insects, and plants. In her free time, Jessie likes to go rock climbing, hiking, and skiing.