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How Membership Works

Our Membership model is a little different from the standard family membership.


Connecticut Science Center Memberships are organized by total number of people visiting, including adults and children aged 3 and above. If you have children ages 2 or below, they are free and do not need to be counted under your Membership. The "level" of your Membership indicates the total number of people that may visit the Connecticut Science Center at one time. The Caregiver add-on does not increase the size of the Membership.


On all Membership levels 2 and above (excluding the Individual Membership), you may name either one or two “Cardholders.” These Cardholders must be adults over the age of 18. You can think of these names as a primary membership holder and an alternate. One of these two adults must always be present to use the membership, and that adult count towards the total number of people visiting. We do not put any other names on the cards. As long as one of the named Cardholders is present with their membership card, the other "slots" on the Membership are flexible; they can be used for adults or children. Typically the two Cardholders are spouses, but sometimes families choose to name one parent and one nanny to be Cardholders, or one parent and one grandparent. While we do not require the two named Cardholders to be spouses or live in the same household, please note that Memberships may not be split between families.


For a family of two adults and two children, the 4 Person Membership would probably be the best fit.

The 4 Person Membership allows 4 people to visit at one time. At least one of these people must be a Cardholder. Options include one of the Cardholders with three other people, or both of the Cardholders with two other people. The other people can be either adults or children. For instance, if one of the people the Membership usually covers can’t come on a particular visit, you may bring a different child or a different adult in their place, as long as at least one person in the group is a named Cardholder.

Still have questions? View our Membership FAQ

Butterfly Encounter Membership Add-On

We are pleased to offer our members the ability to add-on a full year of Butterfly Encounter to their Membership and have the opportunity to experience this incredible new exhibit anytime they visit! Add this feature onto your Membership now to receive unlimited* visits to the Butterfly Encounter for the number of people on your Membership.

The Butterfly Encounter add-on is only $10 per person on the Membership (or, $10 x the “level” or size of the Membership). Butterfly Encounter visits are regularly priced at $5 per person for members, so this enhancement pays for itself after only 2 visits!

Membership Level Add-on Price
2 Person$20
3 Person$30
4 Person$40
5 Person$50
6 Person$60
10 Person$100
*Subject to availability during regular Butterfly Encounter hours. Add-on size must match the size of the main membership (excluding caregiver). The Butterfly Encounter add-on cannot be discounted or prorated. The Butterfly Encounter add-on will expire the same day as the currently active membership.


Memberships with a Caregiver allow you to add a third Cardholder to your membership, so that a grandparent, au pair, nanny, or other caregiver may also use your Membership and visit with your children. Note – this option does not increase the total number of people who can visit at any time; that is still designated by the membership “level” or size. Memberships with Caregivers allow a third valid user for the membership, who can visit and use the membership without either the first or the second named Cardholder present.


A 4 Person family has named the mother and father as the primary and secondary Cardholders. However, they have a nanny who will regularly bring the children to the museum without their parents. The family would name that nanny as their Caregiver, and they would get their own Caregiver card. The number of people who can visit the museum is still 4 per visit. However, the nanny is now a valid Cardholder on the Membership, and may show their card to bring three other people with them per visit, without needing to have the parents along with them.

Ticket Trade-Up

Not sure if a Membership is what you want right away? That’s OK; try before you buy! Our trade-in option allows you apply a portion of your General Admission tickets towards the purchase of a new Membership. Plus, we offer $10 off* for trading up on the same day as your General Admission visit!

You may apply the number of General Admission tickets that matches the level of Membership you would like to purchase. For example, if you purchased 4 General Admission tickets, you may apply 4 tickets to a 4 Person Membership or above, but you may only apply 3 of those tickets to a 3 Person Membership, or only 2 tickets to a 2 Person Membership, and so on.

If you need more time to decide, trade-ups with your original receipt are accepted 30 days after your General Admission purchase. The receipt from your General Admission sale MUST be presented at the time of trade-up. Trade-ups are only available at the Science Center ticketing counter or by calling the Membership office at (860) 520-2160. Please note that trade-ups cannot be processed online or by mail.

We do not apply Butterfly Encounter tickets towards the basic price of Membership; however, we do now accept Butterfly Encounter day tickets as trade-ups toward the price of the Butterfly Encounter Membership Add-On. Again, you may trade in the number of Butterfly Encounter tickets that matches the size of the Membership you are purchasing; 2 tickets towards a 2 Person Butterfly Encounter Add-On, 3 tickets towards a 3 Person Butterfly Encounter Add-On, and so on.

We do not apply movie tickets or tickets purchased from third parties towards Membership purchases.

*$10 Same-day Trade-in cannot be combined with any other discount.

Processing and Delivery

You may start to use your membership as soon as it is active, even if you do not have your Membership cards yet. Just bring your valid photo ID to the ticket counter to receive a temporary card. If you have purchased your Membership online, it may not appear in our system yet. Please bring the email confirmation with you to the ticketing counter.

Please allow up to 4 weeks for processing and delivery of permanent Membership cards.

Memberships are non-refundable and non-transferrable. At least one named Cardholder listed on the Membership card must be present and is included in the admission count when visiting. Named Cardholders must be over the age of 18 years. To protect the value of your Membership, Cardholders will be asked to show a photo ID when visiting. Admission privileges do not include visits with school groups or other group reservations. Memberships are exclusively for the Connecticut Science Center. We do not participate in any reciprocal membership programs or ASTC Passport.

For more information or to ask a question, please contact: or call (860) 520-2160.

Privacy Policy

The Connecticut Science Center respects and maintains the security of your personal information. Personal information is not shared or sold to any third party.

Membership Pricing

Level         Membership Only Membership w/ Caregiver Membership w/ Butterfly Encounter Membership w/ Butterfly Encounter & Caregiver
Individual $75 N/A $85 N/A
2 Person $125 $165 $145 $185
3 Person $160 $200 $190 $230
4 Person $195 $235 $235 $275
5 Person $230 $270 $280 $320
6 Person $265 $305 $325 $365
10 Person $335 $375 $435 $475
  • Individual Memberships are for one adult named member only.
  • One named Cardholder must be present to visit using a Membership.
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