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The Joyce D. and Andrew J. Mandell Academy for Teachers

The Connecticut Science Center has a long history of supporting educators with effective science instruction. Even before ground was broken for our building, the Center was providing Connecticut educators with opportunities to learn effective science practices and strategies for implementation. In 2013, this work was formalized with the adoption of the official name, the Joyce D. and Andrew J. Mandell Academy for Teachers.

As Connecticut adopted the Next Generation Science Standards, the Mandell Academy, in collaboration with the State Department of Education, designed workshops to explore Next Gen and engage educators in experiences that provide immersive three-dimensional learning.

Our Purpose: The purpose of the Mandell Academy is to inspire educators through professional learning. As a result of our efforts, teachers will increase and deepen their understanding of Next Generation Science Standards and be empowered to create learning experiences that promote a passion for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics allowing students to explore, construct, and apply their knowledge in real-world contexts.

Our Approach: The Mandell Academy is proud to offer robust professional learning experiences as well as comprehensive follow-up and in-action support tied to real practice in order to ensure coherence between the learning and classroom instruction. As a result, educators are able to increase their expertise in three-dimensional teaching and learning. This will allow participants to rethink not only what they offer students but more importantly, how they present their science instruction to their students in order to increase student engagement and content comprehension.

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