Student Virtual Programs

NGSS-Aligned Virtual Programs

Our Discovery Center Virtual Classroom Programs are a great way to bring an NGSS aligned lab experience to your class in a safe and convenient format. Modeled after our popular Discovery Center Lab field trip programs, our STEM Educators lead students through an exciting in-person, real-time experience.

Teachers will be provided with a supportive digital package that includes student handouts. No additional materials are needed. A Zoom account is not needed to participate.

Length: 40 minutes Up to 25 students per class.

Virtual programming was made possible in part by the Institute of Museum and Library Services.​

Grades K-2

  • Animal Appetites
  • The Secret Life of Plants   
  • Shifting Sediments

Grades 3-5

  • Crash Lab
  • Making Waves   
  • A Chem-Mystery   

Grade 6

  • Virtual Refraction Action


These live multimedia interactive shows include real-time, explanation based demonstrations. Teachers will be provided with handouts for students to follow along during the show or participate in the live games. There is also a short, supportive digital package that includes NGSS connections and supplemental activities to help teachers take the content further with their students.

Virtual programming was made possible in part by the Institute of Museum and Library Services.​

Mission: Space

Recommended for Grades 3-5; 40-45 minutes

Astronauts are blasting off to an asteroid and they need YOUR help to complete the mission safely! Working as a team of aerospace materials engineers, design key features on a spacecraft to handle the challenges of space travel – from radiation to scorching heat.

Global Soundscapes

Recommended for Grades 4–8; 40-45 minutes

Join us on a mission to listen to and explore sounds from living things around the world. Travel with us to the Costa Rican rainforest to discover different sounds and see what sound can reveal about an environment and the animals living there. Interact with a live, virtual presenter as we play games, travel the globe, and train our ears to listen carefully to the sounds all around us.

Funded by the National Science Foundation.

Shocking Science

Recommended for grades 3-5; 40-45 minutes

ZAP! The science behind electricity will SHOCK you! Investigate electricity at high voltages with a Van de Graaff generator, Tesla coil, and more as we try and uncover what is happening when a lightning bolt flashes.

Extreme Air

Recommended for Grades 4-8; 40-45 minutes

Join us to explore the amazing power of air as we investigate air pressure and begin to understand how it help us make objects hover in mid-air, break a board using only a ping pong ball, and even cause some explosions. You’ll be blown away with the extreme power of air!

Creative Creatures

Recommended for Grades K–3; 40-45 minutes

The Earth is home to thousands of species of animals, living in different habitats around the world. These creatures survive due to their specific adaptations for their home environment. Join us and a live, virtual educator to explore what an adaptation is, how they come to be, and see some of them in action with some of our live animal friends.

Picnic Caper: A Fur-ensic Mystery

Recommended for Grades K–2; 40-45 minutes

“Who ruined the picnic?” Work together to analyze tracks, markings, scat, and more from a crime scene. Use the evidence to narrow down the suspects and discover the culprit behind the destroyed lunch!

Virtual Program Pricing

Discovery Center Virtual Programs $200 per classroom
Virtual Live Science Shows $200 per classroom
Virtual STEM Career Showcases $200 per classroom
Classroom Connections $200 per classroom


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